Friday, October 14, 2005

Google - Future is Nearby

I just had this thought: when you want to find more information on a person, on a concept, on a book or even on some corporation, I guess how you would start your quest would be is you startup a browser and you type in all the address, or just some letters, or with some special key combination you get it in front of you: the Google search engine. It is not unusual to use other engines, but I think Google is preferred to others by most of us.
And what if you want - suppose in the nearby future - to find some information on Google itself. Information on their history, on the services they offer, on the projects they are involved in. Which engine will you use to execute your search? I just think it is rather interesting to search on Google with Google. I guess you don't think you will have to.
I see Google growing and offering more and more web services. And there is no sign to show the opposite. Don't forget, we already can have our own personalized Google homepages.
Nevertheless, futuristic ideas already exist on Google, as well the sketch of their homepage. Ckeck it out.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ruby and Eclipse

Recently I have heard only good things about Ruby. You know Ruby, right? Just in case, you can check what Ruby exactly is. In two small words I can say that Ruby is both a simple and a powerful language.
If you may want to learn more about Ruby, I think you should start in one of these places: or

And as it always gets nicer, you can also develop web applications in a web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. This web application framework is Ruby on Rails. As is the language, so is the framework: it tries to be as simple as it can get and unlike other frameworks, it allows real-world applications to be developed in less code - from scratch - and with minimal configuration.
I came across a site which helps you set up a Rails Development Environment on Windows using Eclipse. The site gives you help in various aspects: getting Ruby, configuring Eclipse for Rails, help with several tools and plugins, even debugging and troubleshooting. And the site will be updated with other interesting features.

Do remember the creator of Ruby: Yukihiro Matsumoto, whose intent was to maximize the joy of programming.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

EclipseCon 2006

Being an Eclipse user, I would also like to promote EclipseCon 2006: the next technical and user conference focusing on the power of the Eclipse platform.
I believe many of you will attend, and have an extraordinary experience.
I do wish I could also be present.

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