Thursday, May 01, 2008

Memo Game

I have found the Android developer challenge a really great competition to participate in, all the more the Android platform is going to get real in the near future. In my opinion,
the mobile users, as well as mobile sphere have the most to win, from the appearance and rapid spread of the Android platform.

The application I have created is a memory game. It is an exciting board game, to be played for fun at all times. It even makes you think.

The application, through a user friendly interface, offers the users the chance to play the well-known Memory game now on the Android platform.

Currently under the tiles hide images. The user is able to select a theme from the following: car brands, Disney-figures, fruits and flowers.

After the application is started, the game is on. The user needs to click on the tiles appeared on the screen and try to find a pair of matching tiles. If identical images are discovered under two different tiles - a matching pair was discovered. The game continues until all the tiles with identical images are found or the user leaves the game.

The project is hosted by: Code Google under memogame. From there it is available for download for free.

Monday, April 21, 2008

One great challenge for all

Android Developers Blog: Android Developers Have Risen to the Challenge

As many as 1788 applications were submitted for the Android platform. This shows a great enthusiasm from developers side, as well as eager to take part in challenges: building new applications, implementing new ideas and compete with each other. One great characteristic which makes things happen, and fast.

Android - the real developer challenge